Dialing up LDS scriptures

Type in the term “LDS” in the iTunes App Store’s search field and you get a taste of how popular Mormon-related applications for the iPhone and iPad have become. Choices can range from digital LDS flashcards to the “Who Wants to Be an LDS Millionaire” game.

As the world has adapted to the digital revolution, so have Mormons. At any local ward house on Sundays, now you’ll see plenty of members carrying iPhones, iPads and Android phones loaded with apps instead of padded scripture cases.

It’s a niche market, of course, but there are well over 100 iPhone and iPad applications for Mormon study, plus nearly half as many on the Android Market for Android-based mobile devices. The most popular are digital versions of scriptures from the Book of Mormon and Bible that make the text searchable and include the ability to highlight passages. There are also programs for streaming LDS-based radio programs, children’s activities and storybooks, as well as apps that teach church history.

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