Displaced Family Home Evening

One Monday in April we drove past the Temple here in Boston on our way home from taking Dave to the airport. It was almost 8pm and there were virtually no lights on. The girls commented on this and I explained that Mormon temples are closed on Sunday and Monday. “Why Mondays?” Millie asked. “Because of Family Home Evening,” I guessed.

Georgia said we forgot to have FHE last week and needed to do it tonight (she is our rule follower). When we got home I put Bea in bed, lured Jonah upstairs with the promise of the TV show”Chuck” after, and we all piled onto Georgia’s double bed with the latest issue of The Friend. Millie picked a story about an 8 year old boy whose parents divorce. When the mom remarries and has twins, the kid feels neglected and displaced. The metaphor for it all is the family walking to church, mom and dad side by side, each holding a twin, and the son trailing behind trying to keep pace. It was actually very depressing but led to a great discussion as Millie wanted to understand why the boy was so sad.

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