Ditch Facebook and join Mormon.org

Forget Facebook, MySpace or Twitter. Mormon.org is the social networking place to be.

I stumbled across the site a while back when I came across a call for members to create a profile. All I knew of the site was that it was a place for investigators to find information about the church. It still has those features, but they have amped things up a bit by adding member profile pages and videos.

Actually, discovering the site's new features was an answer to my prayers. I had blogged, tweeted and had a Facebook page, but it all felt inconsequential. I felt strongly that if I was going to put time into anything like that it needed to have a greater purpose than "everybody's doing it." Creating a profile page on Mormon.org fulfilled the need I felt to use the Internet for something meaningful.

On my profile page, I share how I came to accept the restored gospel and also my testimony on specific gospel principles. There are tons of FAQs from investigators to answer and include on the page as well. It's a good feeling to think that my contribution to the site could help inspire someone to learn more about the gospel.

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