Do's and Don'ts for Helping LGBT Youth in the Church

The Church and its leaders has always been clear and firm on their stance: they love LGBT Church members and want to do all they can to support them as they strive to live the gospel. They also want them to find the fulness of joy and light the gospel can bring into their lives, and they encourage all Latter-day Saints to reach out, to uplift, and to love so that those struggling can find a place of comfort and acceptance within the Church.

All of us should echo these sentiments from Elder Holland as he spoke to a man struggling with same-gender attraction: “What’s more, I love you. My Brethren among the General Authorities love you. I’m reminded of a comment President Boyd K. Packer made in speaking to those with same-gender attraction. ‘We do not reject you,’ he said. ‘… We cannot reject you, for you are the sons and daughters of God. We will not reject you, because we love you.’”

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If you or someone in your family is an LGBT member, check out mormonsandgays.org and read this helpful booklet: Supportive Families, Healthy Children Helping Latter-day Saint Families with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Children.

The Family Acceptance Project offers some best-practice advice for things parents and families can do — or avoid — to help their children who are LGBT be safe and feel loved. It’s also available in a version specifically for LDS families.

Among the do’s:

— Express your love when you learn the child is gay or transgender

— Support your child, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable

— If your child is mistreated, be your child’s advocate

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