Don't forget it's a jungle out there for missionarires

The doorbell rang at our new apartment in Queens several days ago. When Annie peered out the third-story window to see who was at the door, she saw two completely soaked missionaries.

Elder Nielsen and Elder Merrill had quite the harrowing story to tell.

It was the hottest day New York had seen since 2001 — hot enough, in fact, to (kind of) fry an egg on the sidewalk — and these diligent elders were spending the afternoon tracting. As is apparently customary here, some of the people in the neighborhood had broken open a fire hydrant, sending refreshingly cold water gushing into the street.

As the missionaries walked by the group of bucket-wielding men (by their account, these were not little kids; they looked to be somewhere around 30), they overheard one of them say, "fresh blood." Before they knew what was going on, both of the missionaries had buckets of water dumped on their heads.

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