Don't go through the temple -- let it go through you

While visiting the sisters in Kiev, Ukraine, Sister Barbara Thompson, a counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency, was informed by her guide -- we will call her Sasha -- that someone else would be escorting and interpreting for her the next day. Sister Thompson expressed her appreciation for the service rendered and, curious, asked what the sister had planned for the next day.

Sasha explained that early the next morning she and a group of fellow Saints would be boarding a bus to travel to Freiberg, Germany, to attend the temple. Sister Thompson was a bit taken aback, having some sense of the distance between Kiev and Freiberg. Yes, Sasha confirmed, it would be a 27-hour bus ride. But, as she quickly explained, the trip is a joyful experience.

These faithful Saints board the bus early Sunday morning, hold sacrament meeting on the bus, sing, sleep, eat and chat. They arrive in Freiberg Monday afternoon and settle into the dorms made available for temple patrons. All day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, they participate in assorted temple ordinances and it is a "glorious thing!"

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