Donny Osmond Reveals Which Frozen Character Was Modeled After Him

Just last week, Disney announced the release date of the sequel to Frozen set for November 27, 2019. Frozen fanatics have been talking about this exciting news on social media, but Donny Osmond recently shared his surprising and unexpected connection to the film.

"Lately I've had a lot of questions about my connection with Disney's animated film Frozen. I thought I'd clarify here and fill you in on the fun secret," Osmond wrote on Instagram. "My nephew Hyrum Osmond was an animation supervisor for the movie. While working on the character Prince Hans, Hyrum decided to model some of Hans' mannerisms after my own. If you watch the video of 'Love Is an Open Door,' you might notice some of these 'Donnyisms.' When Hans walks out from behind the waterfall, Hans closes his eyes and tilts his shoulders and head while belting a note in the same way I do while performing."

Check it out and see for yourself the similarities between Donny and Hans:

Lead image from Twitter
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