Door still open for Harvey Unga to return to BYU

by | Apr. 20, 2010

Saints & Sports

They are respecting their departed star, Harvey Unga.

Whatever his issue that led to his withdrawal from BYU last week, his teammates are keeping themselves in reserve and quiet, not knowing if his departure is final or just temporary.

And that's how it should be.

This is "finals week" on campus and BYU football players are scattered to the four winds finishing work on the winter semester. Although Unga withdrew from school, he too, is in the process of completing his final tests this week, neatly tucking away more credits toward graduation.

So, is he coming back to play football someday?

Nobody can say because of the way in which Unga faced his honor code infraction and took the public humiliation over the weekend. His teammates are in a state of stasis, mouths closed, because they don't know when or if Unga will return.

The person who could benefit most from Unga's departure — if he doesn't return — is junior Bryan Kariya.

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