Dos and Don’ts for Parents of Returned Mormon Missionaries

Here is a video that shows how a lot of parents feel about their children coming home from the mission:

If you are a parent or a family member of a missionary who is coming home, you may have had a similar experience. Either way, here are some great pointers for you from a former mission president who has had almost a dozen returned missionaries, not to mention being the mission “parent” of all the missionaries in his mission. The do's and don'ts are direct quotes, and the commentary between is more of my personal interpretation. Please provide feedback. We’re open to more things that help!

1. "DO remember your purpose and their purpose — it is the same. The overarching purpose is the same."

Though they leave the mission and come home to a new life, we all still have the same purpose: to invite others to come unto Christ and become more like him.

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