Duce's Wild: 10-year-old boys still need moms

My son celebrated his golden birthday this week — he turned 10 on 10-10. And so I selfishly use a little ink to wish him the best, but keep the remainder of my comments on raising a boy in general terms so as not to mortify him completely.

As most moms of 10-year-old boys can attest, it’s a unique time of life. Your independent son is enamored with all that you don’t provide like wrestling moves that stretch his flexibility, football throws that knock him to the ground, tall apple trees to climb and elk hunts to go on with the men.

And yet, he still needs to eat, still needs his jersey cleaned and doesn’t want you to be late for anything. So just at the moment when you think you could be replaced by a chef, chauffer and laundry maid, he actually needs you.

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