EFY counselors counseled by participants

Wearing a brightly colored polo shirt and surrounded by high school-aged youth from around the world, EFY counselors engage week after week in assuring the spiritual, social and physical safety of Latter-day Saint teens.

For three months each summer, BYU houses 14,000 youth ages 14–18 in the BYU Provo EFY sessions. Averaging around 1,200 youth a week, EFY participants and their counselors are a visible and energetic population on campus.

“I love to see the lives that change, the hearts that change ... to see them smiling, to see them having fun with the gospel,” said Greg Tanner, EFY director. “These youth are having the time of their life and it’s all because of the gospel.”

Especially for Youth (EFY) was created in 1976 as a summer activity to get youth more involved in the gospel. From its rather modest beginnings, EFY has grown to incorporate hundreds of counselors, office staff, session directors and coordinators as well as some 45,000 youth participating around the country each year.

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