ESPN sings BYU's praises

There were two big elephants in the room at BYU's official independence party in LaVell Edwards Stadium on Tuesday.

Without either one, the Cougars' bold move to explore going it alone in football would have been in vain.

Who were the two whose weight dented the floor? LaVell Edwards and ESPN.

The legendary Edwards looked statesmanlike, humble, courteous and yet proud for the moment when BYU made a major move to gain more exposure.

Dave Brown, one of the most talented game/team brokers in sports for the World Wide Leader, spoke with authority and enthusiasm and he was immaculately dressed, like a high-powered TV mogul.

Brown sold BYU football like it was ruby in its regal crown, and this was a reunion of two old buddies who'd fought against the French in the days of Henry VIII.

Brown hit it so hard, it was almost too much sugar. But BYU, after a week of criticism and second-guessing, needed sugar on Tuesday, and Brown pulled up and dumped a Kennecott truckload full.

"BYU has given us so many signature moments, this was an easy thing for us to do," said Brown. "Edwards and BYU football helped put us on the map."

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