Easter Tears

My Grandpa Mabry took his last breath a few weeks ago while several family members were gathered around his bed. He died from pancreatic cancer. He and I were very close and I had no real experience with death, so I had no clue how losing someone would feel.

On February 12, 2010, I walked into the room just moments after my grandfather had passed away. I found myself holding his hand and crying. Once the tears had flushed, I had a strengthened testimony of life beyond the grave.

Have you ever noticed the effectiveness of tears? An interesting thing happens with sincere tears. Generally they show up when it’s time to break a barrier. It’s nearly impossible to see our lives on the other side of tragedy. Sometimes it’s equally impossible to see ourselves on the other side of a miracle. Notice that tears come when the experience is at its most critical point—good or bad—the news of a tragedy, intense physical pain, childbirth, the feeling of forgiveness, or the return of a friend. Tears seem to blur our understanding of what is, just long enough for the world to shift. Once the tears are washed away, we stand in a new reality. We take a deep breath and move on. Tears are a gift from God.

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