Elder Clayton on the economy

I was fortunate enough to be in Honolulu on Jan. 17 and hear Elder Clayton, a member of the Seventy, talk at a special stake conference. His primary subject was on remaining faithful during difficult economic times. Given that the First Presidency’s message in January was a similar theme, it seems appropriate to discuss it here.

Elder Clayton’s primary point seemed to be: be loyal to the church, pay your tithing, do your calling and home/visiting teaching, hold Family Home Evening, scripture study and family prayer, and things will turn out OK.

Here is how Elder Clayton illustrated this point. He told a story about meeting with a group of stake presidents in South America during a tough economic downturn there. The stake presidents said their primary concern was members suffering from a tough economy. Elder Clayton felt prompted to ask the stake presidents: how many of the people who are suffering pay tithing and fast offerings; do home and visiting teaching; have family home evening and family scripture study; and have personal and family prayers.

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