Elder Holland on the earthquake and life in Chile

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve was on a Church assignment in the African nation of Ghana when he received word of the history-making earthquake that sent a portion of Chile into a literal upheaval on Feb. 27.

He presided over the Church's Chile Area from August 15, 2002-August 15, 2004, and lived in Santiago. He said that in addition to "the wonderful members of the Church in that country," he met many other Chileans, many of whom hold a tender spot in his heart and with whom he has remained friends.

"I got the first indication of the earthquake on CNN and then received e-mails on my iPhone," he said in a conversation with the Church News on March 3. "I was greatly alarmed. Virtually every community they mentioned was a community I knew and had been in. It made me think of our people, our chapels, our missionaries, our friends. I could see faces and think of names all over the land, so it was a very emotional thing for me not knowing how they were all doing.

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