Elder Marlin K. Jensen addresses young adults at CES fireside

by | May 07, 2012

What We Believe

Nearly 200 years after Joseph Smith’s First Vision occurred in the Sacred Grove in upstate New York, individuals can still look to the patterns and structure of that holy place as a teacher of important life lessons, Elder Marlin K. Jensen said during a Church Educational System Devotional on May 6. The broadcast—held in a stake center near the Sacramento California Temple—was transmitted all around the world via the internet in more than 40 different languages.

“This general area [the Sacred Grove] is known as the ‘cradle of the Restoration,’ as this is where the Church was born,” said Elder Jensen of the Seventy and Church Historian. “It is picturesque country characterized by rolling, wooded hills, clear lakes and streams, and warm, colorful people. It is also a place made sacred by what happened there.”

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