Elder Neil L. Andersen Becomes First Apostle to Visit Remote Region of Mexico, Asks Members to Do One Simple Thing

When Elder Neil L. Andersen became what is believed to be the first apostle to visit a remote region of Mexico, he asked the members there to follow this simple counsel: "Do the things that invite the Savior into your life.”

The Church in Mexico is one of the great success stories of the Restoration. The nation is home to more than a million Latter-day Saints, hundreds of stakes, and a dozen temples.

But for many living in the Oaxaca coastal region of southwest Mexico, gathering with large groups of fellow members presents a challenge. The so-called “Isthmus” region in southern Oaxaca state is inaccessible by air and can be reached only by driving for hours along winding mountain roads.

Still, the members in the area are defined by their unity and faith.

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