Elder Robert D. Hales: Our essential spiritual agency

It is by making right choices today, tomorrow and for the rest of an individual's time on earth that he or she is able to follow the Savior and return to His presence, said Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve during the BYU campus devotional in a crowded Marriott Center on Tuesday, Sept. 14. All must carefully consider how Heavenly Father is preparing them for things He wants them to do, and then they must make choices accordingly.

"Before coming to this earth we lived with Heavenly Father," Elder Hales said. "He gave us the incomparable gift of agency. We had an opportunity to use that gift in a grand council with all His children. ... Today each of us has the opportunity of continually making the same choice to follow Him and return to His presence."

A major part of looking at the eternal perspective includes using one's agency to choose to follow the commandments Heavenly Father has outlined for His children, he said. It is by using one's God-given agency to keep the commandments that individuals qualify for the life Heavenly Father wants them to have.

"There must be opposition in all things," Elder Hales said. "Because of that opposition, we have the essential spiritual agency to choose spiritual life here and eternal life in the world to come."

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