Elder Stevenson Tells LDS Women to Avoid “Debilitating Comparisons” on Social Media

“May each of you have the courage to blog, pin, like, share, post, friend, tweet, snap, and swipe up in a way that will glorify, honor, and respect the will of our loving Heavenly Father and bring a knowledge of the Savior to your family, loved ones, and friends,” Elder Stevenson said.

To illustrate the “idealized reality and debilitating comparisons” resulting from social media, Elder Gary E. Stevenson shared the story behind one of his family photos.

To someone seeing it for the first time, his family may look like “a family of four lovely, well-behaved boys, color coordinated, enjoying a harmonious family photo opportunity together.”

However, what that person doesn’t realize is that the Stevensons had to turn around their 2-year-old’s white turtleneck to hide a bloodstain resulting from a bloodied nose, their oldest son’s arm is strategically covering a grass stain on his knee, they had to wait 20 minutes so their third son’s eyes were no longer red from crying, and their second son’s hands are placed to cover his white athletic socks because he failed to wear his “scratchy” dress socks.

Lead image from lds.org
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