Eliminate entitlement attitude by teaching children ownership, education class says

To combat phrases such as "everybody else has one," "I deserve this" or "my friend always gets that," the Eyres used three little words: "In our family."

"Those words give kids more security than any other words in the English language," Richard Eyre explained Monday during an Education Week class on helping children take ownership of values, decisions and money.

Though a child will never admit feeling that security, underneath their grumbling and complaining, they'll appreciate knowing that their family has standards and boundaries, he said.

Setting rules, fostering responsibility and encouraging ownership are key components of a "Family Culture," explained Eyre and his wife, Linda, who are New York Times best-selling authors and world-traveled parenting lecturers.

A family culture must be strong enough to combat the encroaching social, peer and community cultures with their rampant messages of entitlement.

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