Elizabeth Smart: Happy end to a sad saga

by | Nov. 15, 2010

News from Utah

Watching Elizabeth Smart step onto the witness stand and testify with grace and dignity this week brought back great memories of the happiest ending a nightmare ever had.

When Smart was delivered out of the hands of Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Barzee Mitchell and into the arms of her father, Ed, at the Sandy police station in March of 2003, it was the fantastic conclusion to the impossible dream. For nine months and a week, her family, her city, her state, her world pulled for her to come home — and then couldn't quite believe it when she did.

Admit it. Eight years and a million evasive legal maneuvers by Mitchell's attorneys later, there is still a sense of incredulity that that is really her: young, beautiful and composed — and sitting in a court of law pointing her finger directly at the man who kidnapped her.

All bad things don't end badly, and here is living proof.

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