Every Stroke Disarms a Foeman, and other terrors

We’re delighted to have another installment of our occasional series of guest posts from members of the Dialogue Editorial Board. This one is from Katie Blakesley, an historian (MA, U of U), guest blogger at JI, and mother of two adorable kids living in the DC area.

Last Sunday, at 6:20 pm (yes, you read that right) as I was trying to get my two kids in the car to go home from church, while juggling a purse, carseat, church bag, and a couple of gifts, my three year old said, “Mom, why don’t you have three arms. It would sure be helpful.” Indeed. I asked him how Primary was and what he learned about–he is thrilled to be in Sunbeams and sing with the big kids. “Jesus. I learned about Jesus. We learn about Jesus every week.”

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