Everything you ever wanted to read about this weekend's General Conference

With so many different newspapers and websites covering general conference talks and giving overviews of the sessions and their own slant on how conference went over, we thought it would be a good idea to link you the best articles. So here goes, everything you ever wanted to read about General Conference this weekend (aside from the actual talks themselves of course.)

From the Church News:

Overview of all Church News coverage from the weekend including links to video, photo galleries, and talk by talk overviews.

USA Today

Mormons counseled to cling to church teachings

American Chronicle

Mormon Leaders Focus on Jesus Christ

Deseret News/Mormon Times:

Saturday: Faithful instruction and encouragement

Sunday: A focus on Christ's resurrection

Salt Lake Tribune:

Saturday: Families in Peril

Sunday: Embrace All


LDS Church members called to show others compassion, charity


A plea for Christian love from LDS general conference

LDS Blogs:

Priesthood Session in a Nutshell (Times and Seasons)

Primary General Presidency News Conference (By Common Consent)

Conference Moments (Mormon Matters) * This is talking about past conference moments but it is worth a stroll down memory lane.

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