Ex-BYU trainer surrounded by Texas Tech controversy

by | Jan. 05, 2010

Saints & Sports

If you are Steve Pincock, the past two weeks have been everything you didn't sign up for with Texas Tech firing head coach Mike Leach.

A former trainer at BYU, Pincock's job as the head football trainer with the Red Raiders is to heal players so they can return to the field. This work doesn't entail your name being spread across the World Wide Web, the New York Times, every other major newspaper nationwide and ESPN, the alleged world leader in sports.

Pincock, a humble, quiet workhorse of a man, is a former football player at Ricks College. A returned LDS missionary from Tacoma, Wash., Pincock is one of those people you build stuff around because you can lean on him. He's a make-no-waves type of guy. He'd much rather do his job away from the bright lights and he's never sought out publicity of any kind.

But just in time for Christmas, Pincock found himself smack dab in the middle of an ego-laced, lawyer-led, publicity fight between his employer, a player and the head football coach.

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