Exchange guilt for inspiration

by | May 03, 2010

What We Believe

Satan will want to hand over a backpack and have everyone believe that they need to fill it bricks of guilt, mistakes, weaknesses or others' bricks.

"The Savior wants us to take off the backpack," said Judy Cameron to about a thousand women at BYU's Women's Conference on Friday.

There is nothing wrong with guilt when it incites change and is taken care of immediately. But harboring it puts a brick in the backpack, added Cameron, who currently serves as a Mormon compassionate service leader and is a hypnotherapist. "Put your backpack down and use the bricks for something else," Cameron said.

Like exchanging them for eternal building blocks to pave a path back to Heavenly Father, said Stephanie D. Smith, a former CIA official who joined the LDS Church three years ago and was at her first Women's Conference and first trip to Utah.

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