36 Exquisite Images of Temples in Fall

It's an exciting time of the year when the air becomes tinged with cold and that tangy-sweet smell of apples and leaves. Fall is a time when opposites come together to create a beautiful harmony. It's a time of dimming days and bright holidays. It's a time of crisp nights and heartwarming memories. It's a time when the world falls into slumber with one last burst of vivid color.

And nothing complements the luminous fall colors like the white serenity of one of the Lord's holy houses. In this season of gratitude and thanksgiving, I'm so grateful for the temples we have throughout the world, for the strength and spirit these holy places bring into my life, and for the added peace they bring to the holiday season. In celebration of this wonderful time of year and our Heavenly Father's precious temples, we've compiled this stunning photo gallery of temples in fall.

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