FHE Idea: Listening to a Prophet Speak

With General Conference right around the corner I think tonight might be a good time to remind my family how awesome it is that we get to listen to a living prophet. Sometimes I think I need to be more appreciative of this. I get so used to being able to hear from the prophet that I forget just how incredibly great the privilege is.

Scripture: D&C 21:5-7, D&C 1:38

Songs: ”Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice” LDS Hymnbook and “Follow the Prophet” Children’s Songbook

Have someone in your family stand in front of everyone and read the scripture D&C 21:5-7. Just as they start reading distract the rest of the family by shouting, getting up and leaving the room, talking to yourself, or poking the person next to you. The goal is to not let anyone hear the scripture while it's being read.

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