Fab Five: Reasons to Love Valentine's Day

by | Feb. 07, 2013


(1) Lovebug Cookies 
Use heart-shaped cookie cutters and some glace icing to make the most adorable Valentine's cookies you've ever seen.

(2) Valentine's Baby Picture
Is this not the most adorable Valentine's baby picture you've ever seen? One more reason it's good to have a chubby baby hanging around.

(3) Friendship Bracelet Valentines
Someday when my children are old enough, I will pop in a movie one night and help them make Valentine's Day cards. It will be our own charming little assembly line - complete with singing birds and absolutely no bickering. Even with bickering, these seem simple enough for little hands.

(4) Homemade Valentine Chocolate Marshmallows
More awesome edibles. And these ones require absolutely no melting or cooking. Just marshmallows, chocolates, and corn syrup. So easy.

(5) Love-ly Gift - 52 Reasons I Love You
Just a new and fun way to let someone know you care. Clever and cute. (My sister actually made this for her husband a couple years ago, and he loved it.) 
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