Face Value

This week my kindergartner, Bo, taught me that “Brudder Nature” controls the weather.

As Bo’s story goes, recently fall came and the weather changed, so a teacher at school mentioned to Bo that Mother Nature was doing something to bring in the clouds and make it cooler. He has been taught to respect the teacher and pay attention to what is taught. Rather than blow her off or argue with her, he accepted what he was taught and began to spread the knowledge.

Oh, to get rid of skepticism and live like a five-year-old, believing sincerely that the weather can be changed at the drop of a hat . . . by someone called “Brudder Nature”!

Think of how radically our world would change if we could look to trusted sources and simply take them at their word. As we seek the spiritual gift of discernment and develop an ability to trust the confirming and empowering influence of the Holy Ghost, we will know Whom to trust. Could there be a greater comfort in this life than the ability to completely lean on something entirely true?

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