Mormons Unleash Their Comments on Facebook Post About Problems with BYU Housing

by | Jun. 14, 2017

Mormon Life

Recently, The Daily Universe reached out on Facebook to see what feedback current and former BYU students might have about off-campus housing. The post asked whether people have "had issues with off-campus housing," adding, "Whether it's with management, maintenance, or anything else, we want to hear from you!"

They received more than they bargained for, becoming bombarded with personal experiences. While most of their Facebook posts receive only a handful of comments, this post quickly spread far and wide, receiving feedback from BYU alumni and students from across the country.

Many commenters noted how difficult it can be to find apartments within the required housing area, especially when those who attend other schools or work in the area also compete for the same housing. In addition, the year-long contracts make it very difficult for students to find the flexibility they need when it comes to lifestyle changes like work, marriage, missions, traveling, summers, and more.

In addition, the high-use and competition of housing in such a small area often makes needed renovations and updates difficult, meaning apartments are often due for some much-needed changes. Despite some of the negative feedback, there were also many who said they had a good experience with BYU housing.

After reading many of the horror stories of BYU housing and management, Cheyanne Hintze wrote, "I have been on both sides. I lived in contracted housing and I worked for a few property management companies." While she noted that some managers can charge unfair or hidden fees, most disagreements come from BYU students not understanding what is a part of their contract.

"There is not enough good/acceptable married housing close to campus and there are slum lords," she says, "but as long as you, as the student, know your rights and understand what you agreed to, and are not afraid to speak up when things are wrong, student housing at BYU can be a pleasant experience. Always, always read through your contract and know what you are agreeing to!"

With so much controversy surrounding such a basic part of a BYU students' life, we wanted to know if any of you have found a successful way to navigate the BYU housing dilemma.

What are your thoughts? What are some of the tips and tricks you've found that helped you get good housing at BYU? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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