Facing Disappointment

Every fast Sunday my ward has a tradition to have a combined lesson and have a member of the presidency teach on a subject of their choosing. I really love this tradition - it allows the advisers a week off, allows the girls a chance to hear from the presidency, and allows an opportunity to address issues that are specific to each group.

Last month was my turn and I wracked my brain and prayed and prayed to come up with a message for our group. The usual ones - modesty, gossiping, mean girl prevention - really aren't an issue, so I thought I'd talk to them about their future, which is a part of my stewardship I take very seriously.

I opened by explaining that I was going to give the girls a flu shot. That some of what I would talk about might not make a ton of sense to them now, but it could prevent them from tremendous heartbreak down the road. These girls are young in their gospel journey, and if they haven't been disappointed yet, they surely will. And more than once.

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