Family Friendly Media

Looking for some wholesome entertainment that has more than a hint of inspiration? In a world where crude and degrading are synonymous with popular entertainment, it's not always easy to find. Still, there are a few people in this world who are championing decency and good humor. Candlelight Media Group specializes in distributing and representing quality films that not only entertain, but also inspire their audiences. And they don't stop at distribution. Candlelight Media is also a production company that has produced films like Beauty and the Beast: A Latter-day Tale, a retelling of a classic fairytale that encompasses a great story and strong values, and Everything You Want, which was based on a 2000 BYU stage play and picked up by Disney. Candlelight Media started out as a family business, and utilizing the skills and enthusiasm of its family members, the company has been growing rapidly. Unlike many other production companies, Candlelight prides itself on its start to finish approach to filmmaking. They control every step in production from script writing to distribution, trying as much as possible to work with local actors and companies. This month, Candlelight media is releasing a new, modern-day adaptation of a classic Book of Mormon story. Set in a modern day high school, Turn Around reinvents the story of Alma the Younger for a contemporary audience. Sara, played by Jaci Twiss, is a motivated young woman at the top of her game, with hopes of being chosen for an elite summer tennis program. In sharp contrast, Bad boy Colton, played by Jordon Sorenson is a menace to society, going out of his way to harass those around him who are only trying to do what's right. When Colton's parents pray for help with their wayward son, their prayer is heard, but no one could have foreseen how it would be answered. When Colton ends up in an accident with Sara, he has a near death experience that forces him to see the light. He's become a different person, but proving to everyone that he really has changed isn't as easy as one might think. After all of the havoc he's caused, he has to set things straight with those he's hurt, and Sara is not at the bottom of that list. Set for limited Utah theatrical release in September, this film brings the Book of Mormon story to life, showing the power of prayer and the miracle of repentance. The Turn Around DVD will be released October 2nd. Go to or for more info.
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