Family Night Ideas: Our Top Ten Affordable Activities

by | Apr. 27, 2011

Lesson Helps

Family activity nights are big deals at our house! Not that we spend a lot of money or anything, but we do keep them a big priority. We know that having regular family activities keeps our family relationships fresh. The night gives us something to talk about and look forward to.

Here are is a list of our top ten activities which don’t really cost anything:

1- “Knock Your Socks Off” Years ago I read an article in a magazine called Family Fun about this great game. This is how you play it. You need at least three players and a blanket.

Lay a large blanket on the carpet or grass and gather round in your stocking feet. Everyone must be wearing two, and only two, socks. My children run for their longest ones when we are going to play this game. You will see why.

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