LDS Mom & Other Family Members Hear "Voice of Warning" to Keep 2-Year-Old Safe

MR says: Read about how being in-tune to the spirit has helped these parents keep their children safe from unknown dangers.

Over the last year, four out of the six members of our family have had a dream that we found our youngest daughter, Gwen, face down in water. All different scenarios. All different outcomes. I typically do not like to give weight to dreams, but after four similar dreams we all took pause and began to worry.

One month before our first family reunion at a lake house in Virginia, I awoke at 3:11am with a phrase circling around my foggy mind: “Voice of Warning. Voice of Warning.” It was a calm but sure voice. My voice. In my head. But not my thought. It came from elsewhere. With faint images of Gwen accompanying the words. When I awoke the following morning, I shared the nighttime reverie with my husband. We were not panicked by the message. Instead we felt peace in knowing that we were given a warning, not necessarily a divination of danger. With a warning, we could prepare. And we did. We prepared ourselves and our children to pray for safety, to be aware, and to navigate each other around possible hazards. If ye are prepared ye shall not fear. (D&C 38:30) 

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