Family Search Center works to involve youngsters

by | Apr. 19, 2010

News from Utah

Watch out. One of the interactive children's stations at the Family Search Center may just pull you directly into doing genealogy.

For instance, it's quite possible that once you start helping your child figure out what great-grandma wore to her wedding or tracing her ship's path from Liverpool, England to New York, you'll be hooked.

That's part of the overall plan, says the center manager, Sandra Joseph.

"The idea really is to promote family togetherness," Joseph said. "We want to be welcoming. The purpose is to have a fun family experience."

So while children are intrigued with the coloring, the word searches, the crossword puzzles, grandpa's wood shop and grandma's kitchen with the old-fashioned stove with a coal bucket sitting alongside, and a wooden table and cupboards, they and their parents get caught up too in finding out more about grandma, grandpa and their lives.

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