Family has 4 children serving as full-time missionaries

Ask Debra Dunoskovic, and she'll freely tell you how much she loves missionary work.

A convert who joined the Church in Australia as a young single adult, she never forgot how mighty a change the gospel wrought in her life. Sister Dunoskovic and her husband, Robert, strived to instill in their eight children a profound love for missionary work.

"I found the Church through missionaries — that's why I so strongly believe in missionary work," Sister Dunoskovic said. "My husband and I have raised our children that way as well. They've always known that they would go on missions, and they've always looked forward to it (and saved) for it."

Today, as a direct result of those efforts by parents to promulgate enthusiasm for missionary work among their children, the Dunoskovic family of the Montpelier Vermont Stake has four children simultaneously serving full-time missions.

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