Family lives off food storage for three months

Typical college students can be seen perusing grocery store aisles at least once a week. Subway or Taco Bell are always on deck when lunch or dinner come up to bat. Americans do this contrary to the known negative facts: this is not the most nutritious or economical lifestyle.

The Young family of Omaha, Neb., is challenging this typical American lifestyle by steering clear of grocery stores for three months. Instead, the family is utilizing its food storage and pantry shelves.

With 10 children, Crystal Jones Young cooks her meals from scratch and documents them at the end of each day on her blog,

“The main goal was to encourage others to get their three months supply of food storage, but you don’t have to have a lot of storage to be able to be more self sufficient,” Young said. “From every standpoint — financial, nutritional, family and gospel — I have yet to find anything negative from our challenge, other than the time it requires to cook.”

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