6 Famous Latter-day Saints in Pro Baseball & the Incredible Ways They Shared Their Faith

Harmon Killebrew

The greatest Latter-day Saint hitter of all time, Harmon Killebrew began his incredible 22-year professional baseball career at 17 years old. As a 13-time American League All-Star, a six-time American League home run leader, and the 1969 American League MVP, Killebrew ("Killer") was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1984. (There were even some myths that he was the model for the MLB logo.)

But Killebrew used his time as a public figure to promote much more than baseball.Image title

Image from usatoday30.usatoday.com.

As the July 1973 Ensign notes, quoting from a Family Weekly article. “Yet, to hear Harmon Killebrew tell it, being an idol at the stadium doesn’t count for much if a man is a failure at home.”

The article continues, sharing quotes from Killebrew, “'Someday I’ll retire from baseball, but I’ll always be the father of my children. And if I fail with my family, nothing else matters.'" In talking about family home evening, he said, "'On those evenings we can discuss each other’s personal aspirations. We can solve family difficulties as a group, not as a know-it-all father handing down decisions. We hold family councils, and there we work out the rules of our household. A child is much more apt to obey a rule if he helped to set it.'”

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