21 Famous People Who Have Been Given a Book of Mormon

From presidents and popes to rappers and authors, the Book of Mormon has come into the hands of some incredible public figures, showing that nothing can stop God's word from going forth.

Elvis Presley

Famous People & Book of Mormon

Photo retrieved from chicagosuntimes.com.

Elvis didn't relish his title of King. As he said, “there is only one King, and that is Jesus Christ."

Deeply religious and a heavy reader of spiritual topics, Elvis often spoke with his close friend and bodyguard, Ed Parker, about spiritual topics. Parker, a Latter-day Saint, reportedly gave Elvis several books by Latter-day Saint authors. In addition, former missionary Bobby Kauo claims that he taught Elvis missionary discussions while the King was filming Paradise, Hawaiian Style at the Polynesian Cultural Center. 

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Elvis received a copy of the Book of Mormon from Olive Osmond—who had several close ties to the rock icon.

While there is a Book of Mormon preserved in the historical collections of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that reportedly belonged to Elvis and has many hand-written notations, scholars have discovered the book is likely a forgery.

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