21 Famous People Who Have Been Given a Book of Mormon

Ronald Reagan

Famous People & Book of Mormon

Photo retrieved from churchofjesuschrist.org

President Ronald Reagan is, to date, the U.S. president who has developed the best relationship with the Church. While serving his first term as Governor of California in 1967, Church members in the California Legislature teamed up with the missionaries to present Reagan his first copy of the Book of Mormon.

He received several other copies of this sacred record throughout the years, including a copy given to him by President Hinckley during a tour of the Church’s welfare services in 1982.  

Said Ronald Reagan, “I have always admired the tremendous personal integrity and self-initiative of the Latter-day Saint people, and on a number of occasions I refer to programs of your Church as outstanding examples of what I feel to be the true American way” (Brother Paul’s Mormon Bathroom Reader, Paul B. Skousen, 2005).

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