21 Famous People Who Have Been Given a Book of Mormon

Leo Tolstoy

Famous People & Book of Mormon

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Daughter of President Brigham Young, Susan Young Gates—who was lauded by R. Paul Cracroft as "the most versatile and prolific Latter-day Saint writer ever to take up the pen in defense of her religion"—struck up a correspondence with famous Russian writer, Count Leo Tolstoy, after sending him a Book of Mormon (“Negating the Myths of the Book of Mormon”).  Having never met the count, Gates sent him a copy of these sacred records after reading a comment Tolstoy made about the Church in an American Magazine.  

In her letter, she writes:

I should like if I were only able, to give you a "Mormon's" view of the Mormon question. But naturally, I shrink from intruding that upon you which might be entirely unwelcome. You have doubtless heard "our story" all from the one side. Would you care for the "other side" to speak also?

It would please me to forward to your address a copy of that Book, so much maligned and abused, but withal so simple and sweet, called by our enemies "The Golden Bible" by ourselves "The Book of Mormon." I would wish for one like yourself, standing on a far eminence, above men's passions and men's ambitions, to read this record of a people who once nourished and prospered in the new yet ancient land of America.”

(“Tolstoy and Mormonism,” Leland A Fetzer)

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