Fast Company Highlights the "Biggest Name in Mormon Comedy"

MR says: Both Mormons and non-Mormons alike love this quirky comedy group. And we at LDS Living love them too.

Find out more about the long-anticipated premiere of Studio C's 6th season or watch some of our favorite clips from past seasons.

In mainstream America, when you think of Mormons in comedy, it’s often as the butt of the joke. Trey Parker and Matt Stone alone have made a cottage industry of poking fun at Mormon beliefs and habits, through episodes of South Park and their Broadway hit The Book of Mormon.

Mormons probably don’t think these jokes are funny. What do Mormons (and others in the market for family-friendly content) think is funny? A TV show and YouTube channel called Studio C.

The sketch show is available on BYUtv (tagline: "See the Good in the World"), an increasingly popular Mormon-owned network producing family-friendly content; the show’s sixth season premiered last week. Studio C's YouTube videos have collectively garnered 200 million views; one viral hit, about a beleaguered soccer goalie, became a global viral hit, earning over 30 million views.

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