The Hymn President Nelson Wrote + the Favorite Hymns of All 17 Latter-day Prophets

Thomas S. Monson

"Master, the Tempest is Raging"

Favorite Hymns of All 16 Latter-day Prophets

"Master, The Tempest is Raging" was a favorite hymn of President Thomas S. Monson's childhood. He recounts:

"We had a chorister who taught us boys how to sing. We had to sing. Sister Stella Waters would wave the baton within inches of our noses and beat time with a heavy foot that made the floor creak.
"If we responded properly, Sister Waters let us choose a favorite hymn to sing. Inevitably, the selection was, 'Master, the Tempest is Raging.'
[. . .]
"As a boy, I could fathom somewhat the danger of a storm-tossed sea. However, I had but little understanding of other demons which can stalk our lives, destroy our dreams, smother our joys, and detour our journey toward the celestial kingdom of God."

Learn more in his October 2002 general conference address, "Peace, Be Still."

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