The Hymn President Nelson Wrote + the Favorite Hymns of All 17 Latter-day Prophets

Russell M. Nelson

"My Message"

President Russell M. Nelson composed his own hymn, “My Message”— a song he wrote that comprises the life he strives to live by and the gratitude he has for his family and God.

“Our God is my maker;
Parents dear are my guide;
An angel wife, my true love;
children choice are my pride.
The Lord is my Light;
His endless truth, my law.
My joy is in service to others;
My message is, my life.”

In a 2008 BYU devotional, Favorite Hymns of All 16 Latter-day ProphetsPresident Nelson said he believes music has a power to promote unity and love in families. According to lds.org, President Nelson has perfect pitch and a talent in playing the organ. One Christmas, he recorded a variety of music he had sung to his children through the years on a compact disk as a gift to his family.

President Nelson shared a verse of the song in his book The Power Within Us saying, “As my name appears as author, I realize that, to a real extent, I am the product of others. From each wonderful person I have met, I have tried to acquire a measure of goodness.”

Learn more in his book The Power Within Us.

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