February Sharing Time: Husbands and Wives in the Scriptures

by | Feb. 05, 2004

Lesson Helps

This sharing time will help the children become familiar with some of the husbands and wives in the scriptures and what they taught their children.
Make separate wordstrips for each name and scripture reference (see below). Post the husband wordstrips down the left side of the board. Post the wife wordstrips down the right side of the board (mix up the order). Place the scripture reference wordstrips in random order down the center.
Divide the children into 7 groups (or however many of the couples you wish to discuss). Have each group look up one of the scripture references (or read the Ensign quote). Have them decide which husband and wife goes with that scripture and what they taught their children.
Have each group take a turn to read or explain their scripture(s) to the entire group. Then have them draw a line on the chalkboard linking the husband to the scripture reference and then to the correct wife. Show the children a picture of that couple or family and place it by the scripture reference. Write a one or two word summary of what they taught their children on the chalkboard under the picture.
After each group reports who their couple was and what they taught, you might want to briefly tell a little more about them. Adam and Eve were the very first couple. Joseph was a carpenter and taught Jesus how to work with wood. Abraham and Sarah were very old before they could have children. Lehi and Sariah had to leave their home and riches and take their children to the wilderness. When Joseph and Emma's twin babies died, they adopted two babies. Jacob had to work for 14 years before he could marry Rachel. President and Sister Hinckley like to take trips with their children.
Sing songs to reinforce the concepts taught such as "Keep the Commandments" (Children's Songbook, p. 146), "Jesus Once was a Little Child" (CS, 55), "All Things Bright and Beautiful" (CS, 231), "A Child's Prayer" (CS, 12), and "Families Can Be Together Forever" (CS, 188).
Wordstrips: Adam. Eve. Scripture: Moses 5:12.
What they taught: All things. Picture: Gospel Art Kit (GAK) 101 or 119.
Wordstrips: Abraham. Sarah. Scriptures: Genesis 17:15 and Genesis 18:19.
What they taught: Keep the way of the Lord (Keep the commandments). Picture: GAK 105 (only shows Abraham and Isaac).
Wordstrips: Joseph. Mary. Scriptures: Matthew 1:16 and Luke 2:40.
What they taught: To be strong in spirit and filled with wisdom. Picture: GAK 201 or 204 & 206.
Wordstrips: Lehi. Sariah. Scriptures: 1 Nephi 5:6 and 2 Nephi 2:14.
What they taught: God created all things. Picture: GAK 304.
Wordstrips: Joseph Smith. Emma. Scriptures: Joseph Smith-History 1:57 and D&C 68:28.
What they taught:Children should pray (You could choose from a number of other scriptures containing things Joseph taught instead). Pictures: GAK 400 & 405.
Wordstrips: Jacob. Rachel. Scripture: Genesis 29: 18 and Genesis 49: 1.
What they taught: What would happen to them (their sons and their descendants) in the last days. Picture: GAK 122 (only shows Jacob and sons).
Wordstrips: Gordon B. Hinckley. Marjorie. Scripture: Ensign, Oct. 2003, p. 22 (see below).
What they taught: How to be better family members. How to find joy. Picture: Cover, October 2003 Ensign.
Ensign quote:
When Sister Marjorie Pay Hinckley stands at a pulpit to address crowds of Latter-day Saints, she immediately makes us feel at home. . . . She encourages us by saying that with the Lord's help, we can overcome life's difficulties and find joy.
When her husband, President Gordon B. Hinckley, speaks at the pulpit, he often shifts into the role of a loving father and grandfather, teaching us how we can be better children, parents, husbands, wives, and family members.
"At Home with the Hinckleys," Ensign, Oct. 2003, p. 22
End with your testimony that marriage is essential to Heavenly Father's plan for us and that parents teach important truths to their children.
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