Festive Vegetable Rice Recipe

When you’re looking for an easy and healthy side dish to add to your dinner, look no further than your food storage. In less than thirty minutes from start to finish, you can make Festive Vegetable Rice that will compliment almost any main dish.

While you could use fresh vegetables in this recipe, one of the benefits of using the dehydrated and freeze-dried vegetables from your food storage is that they are already diced, chopped, and ready to be used. Having the prep work already done will be a big time saver.

In addition, it isn’t necessary to reconstitute the vegetables before you throw them in with the rice. Save precious time by simply adding them to the saucepan right out of the can.

Try Festive Vegetable Rice tonight and find out just how easy it can be to use your food storage. Click here for a pdf of the recipe.

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