Fighting MS, former missionary yearns to return to the field

When Kit Lindsey was given only six months to live in December of 2008, he called up his former missionary companion David Shaw and asked him: "When are you taking me back to the Canary Islands?"

A year later, 37-year-old Kit is still bravely battling multiple sclerosis while David and his wife, Kathy, are trying to find a way to make his dying wish a reality.

"I've never met anyone like Kit in my life," said Kathy, of Pleasant Grove, Utah. "He's extraordinary. I've never met someone who kept fighting -- and did it with such a positive attitude."

Outgoing and charming, Kit had showed considerable promise before the disease took hold: He came home from his mission in 1993, finished his undergraduate degree, and began law school at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

In his first year there, he was diagnosed with MS; over a four-month period, he went from walking to using a cane.

"Kit kept trying to take the bar," said Kathy. "But he could never pass because his sight was going, it was getting harder to study and concentrate."

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