Finding a way back to church through Time Out for Women

Rebekah Kesling had been assured this wasn't going to be like the church meetings on Sundays.

Her friend's mother had gotten tickets to Time Out for Women's St. Louis event for the three of them and told her daughter and Rebekah about it just days before the event.

Kesling was active in the LDS Church as a child, but other than a few holidays, she hadn't been to church in about 20 years. The wife and mother of three had treated the missionaries to dinner occasionally during the intervening years, and that's about all the interaction she wanted.

Kesling and her friend arrived late Friday evening, and her friend's mother had saved them seats near the front. And this was a church-related function.

They made their way to their seats and stayed for the rest of the program.

"There was a feeling," said Kesling, who was living in Washington, Mo., at the time. "You just can't explain it."

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