Finding both stylish and modest clothes

In today's world, finding a cute, fashionable and Mormon-modest dress for the dance or special occasions isn't easy.

It usually requires marathon shopping with a critical eye to find something to purchase and even then, the outfit usually requires adding something underneath or atop.

"It's really hard to finds dresses that are really cute that are modest," said Mikayla Gogan, one of the ninth grade students in Guy Johnson's Willowcreek Middle School LDS Seminary class. "I've had this problem. It's really hard and even when you think you found something that will work with a white or black undershirt and leggings, you can still get kicked out of a stake dance."

Tiffany Maria said when she's looking for "like, church dresses, it's really hard to find the jackets you need to go with them, especially in the summer. I just keep looking."

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