First Temple with an Angel Moroni Statue + Other Fascinating Temple Firsts

by | Sep. 13, 2016

Mormon Life

Ordinance Firsts

First Nauvoo Illinois (Dedicated in 1846)

The first temple the endowment was performed inside.

Image title

Image circa 1847, Thomas M. Easterly

Mesa Arizona (Originally dedicated in 1921)

The first temple to present ordinances in a language other than English. (Spanish, 1945) 

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Photo taken in 2013 by Tracy Crump

Bern Switzerland (Originally dedicated in 1955)

The first temple that wasn't predominantly English-speaking, and the first to use a film instead of live acting.

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Photo taken in 2016 by Jorge Araya M.

St. George (Originally dedicated in 1877)

The first temple where proxy endowments were performed.

Image title

Photo taken in 2011 by Kelly Josephson

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Design Firsts

Monticello Utah (Originally dedicated in 1998)

The first of the smaller temples to be built from President Hinckley's inspired design.

Image title

Photo taken in 2009 by Kathie Marsh

Vernal Utah (Dedicated in 1997)

The first temple to be built from an existing structure.

Image title

Photo taken in 2009 by David C. Moore

Cardston Alberta (Originally dedicated in 1923)

The first temple that was built from designs submitted by the First Presidency rather than by straight revelation.

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Photo taken in 2007 by Steven Dudley

Logan Utah (Originally dedicated in 1884)

The first temple designed with progressive rooms for presenting the endowment.

Image title

Photo taken in 2003 by Rick Satterfield
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